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The City of Creepy Shoulders


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hello, chicagoland horror fans!

here's a little community where fans of the macabre and... well... often cheesy can meet up, share thoughts on horror movies, and maybe even set up meet-ups with other local horror fans!

i would assume that if you're in the chicagoland area, you're familiar with svengoolie, and that's where a large part of the inspiration to put this community together came from. also, being in a major metropolitan area affords a certain level of access to a great many forms of media and entertainment, including our beloved horror films.

now, i say "horror", but i encourage conversation about sci-fi, horror/comedy, mystery, suspense, martial arts, and action films as well. y'know, you'd see all of that stuff.

oh, and don't limit yourself to english-language films, or live-action material, either! i'd be happy to see some robust discussions about euro-horror/giallos, anime, and asian horror while you're at it.

lastly, and most importantly - have fun. membership is open to anyone (provided you behave yourself) and membership is not required to post.

- ToyMan
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