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[Aug. 11th, 2005|12:11 am]


flashback weekend photos from count-gregula.com

[User Picture]From: count_gregula
2005-08-22 12:03 am (UTC)

It All does seem like just a "Flashback" now!

Hi Toyman and group,

I appreciate the link put up for my FW 2005 gallery. Sorry it took so long for me to join this community. The Countess & I have been so busy running here and there. I just recently acquired more FW pics from a couple fiends of ours and they have allowed me to use their shots on my site. So, I'll be adding even more "ghoul" photos from Flashback very soon. Plus, I am still vorking on my John Dillinger Commemoration gallery as vell as a gallery of various "haunted" cemetery photos ve had taken around the Chicagoland area that vill include our recent trip to Resurrection Cemetery just this past veekend. Vhew! Now, back to vork! I think I'm going to have to "dig up" a few extra "hands" to help me keep up vith things especially since Halloveen is fast approaching! Happy Haunting All!
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